Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Second Hearing meeting recap; date set for next meeting


The KahnawÓ:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission (KLCC) wishes to advise the community of the results of last eveningĺs Second Hearing meeting for proposed amendments to the Kanienĺkehß:ka of KahnawÓ:ke Law (formerly known as the KahnawÓ:ke Membership Law).

Five items of the nine-item agenda were completed in full. The definitions of Onkwehˇn:we, Onkwehˇn:we Lineage, Regulation, and Reside were approved by consensus, as were the sections on Registrar; Administrative Tribunal; KahnawÓ:ke Kanienĺkehß:ka Registry; and Review of Registrar Decision.

The definitions of Common-Law Relationship and Iah teionkwehˇnwe were deferred. Six of the nine clauses in the section on the Community Review Board were approved, with the remainderá expected to be completed at the next meeting.

The Second Hearing will continue on Tuesday, 24 Onerahtˇkha/April at 6:00pm at the Golden Age Club. The agenda will be released shortly.

All relevant documents can be viewed at www.kahnawakemakingdecisions.com.


For further information on the Law, please contact:
Alexis Shackleton, Director
Mohawk Council of KahnawÓ:ke Client Based Services
450-638-0500, alexis.shackleton@mck.ca

For information on the process, please contact:
Leslie Skye, Coordinator
KahnawÓ:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission
450-632-7500, leslie.skye@mck.ca

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