Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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  Legislation that creates a major institution or agency of Kahnawá:ke Government charged to carry out a specific function and requires annual approval for funding.

  Legislation intended to rule or govern any civil, economic or governmental action.

  Set of procedural rules, orders, and/or instructions made to exercise the managing of fees, tariffs, warrants or actions of any Act or Law.

  An Act or Law that has been ratified by the government of Kahnawá:ke. Especially, MCK’s Legislative Process.

  An instrument of governance intended to transmit declarations, proclamations or statements with a specific objective.

  An instrument for the public, government, department, agency or commission to follow an action or course of actions in pursuit of an approved objective.

  A set of rules or guidelines concerning the communication and relationship between different governmental departments, agencies or commissions including the communication and relationship between nations, states, provinces and their representatives.

  The method in which on takes in successive steps to accomplish an approved objective.

  Two or more parties expressing a common intention to alter their; functions, relationship and/or rights in the form of a contract.

Portfolio Holder(s)
  MCK Chief(s) assigned or attained a specific area of responsibility. Regarding Legislation, the holder(s) are responsible for all established Laws or new Legislation under its Portfolio.