Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Community reaches final consensus on Amendments to MCK Election Law


The Kahnawą:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission (KLCC) would like to advise Kahnawa’kehró:non that the proposed amendments to the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke Election Law were accepted at last evening’s Community Decision Making Process meeting.

Consensus was reached on final additions and wording to the Law, at which time the First Hearing was declared completed. This was followed by the Formal Reading of the final version of the Law and the Regulations. Finally, the community ratified the Law and the Certification of the Process was signed by Alana Goodleaf-Rice (Proponent) , Trina C. Diabo (Technician), Dale Dione-Dell and Vernon Goodleaf  (KLCC Community Representatives), Joann Patton (Election Law Community Representative) and Leslie Skye (KLCC Coordinator).

The Law will be brought for enactment via Mohawk Council Resolution at a duly-convened Council Meeting, which should take place in the near future.

This will allow for the amendments to be in place in time for the 2018 Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke election which, by law, will now have a fixed date (the first Saturday in July every three years).


For further information on the Law, please contact:
Trina C. Diabo, Technician
Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke
450-632-7500, trinac.diabo@mck.ca

For further information on the process, please contact:
Leslie Skye, Coordinator
Kahnawą:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission
450-632-7500, leslie.skye@mck.ca

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