Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Reminder - Final sections on agenda at Hearing on proposed amendments to Kahnawake Membership Law


The Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission (KLCC) wishes to remind community members that the final five (5) sections will be on the agenda for tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) Hearing on proposed amendments to the Kahnawà:ke Membership Law.

The agenda is as follows:

• Sec. 25 Notice (as may be required by this Law or the Regulations)
• Sec. 26 Kanien’kéha Version of the Law
• Sec. 27 General Provisions
• Sec. 28 Amendments (procedures to amend)
• Sec. 29 Enforcement
• Any related definitions

Please note that items that had previously been deferred have not been included in this agenda; instead, deferred items will be addressed at a separate meeting once Sections 25 to 29 have been completed.

This 18th meeting is scheduled for 6 to 8:30pm. Please note that this meeting will be held at the Karonhianónhnha School Gymnasium. Relevant documents can be viewed at www.kahnawakemakingdecisions.com , which is the KLCC website.

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