Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Public Notice


Please note that the Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission wishes to correct and clarify the press release issued on March 9, 2016 (“Recap for March 8 Membership Law Hearing – Adoption section Completed”).

In regard to the final clause in the section on adoptions (14.7), it was indicated that the proposed wording would be as follows (with new wording in bold italics):

“A child who has no Kanien’keháka or Onkwehonwe lineage adopted by a Kanien’keháka of Kahnawà:ke parent(s) after the enactment of this law on November 10, 2003 is not eligible to be recognized as a Kanien’keháka of Kahnawà:ke or be an Approved Kahnawà:ke resident and therefore, the parent(s) who choose to commit this offense will have their recognition (as a Kanien’keháka of Kahnawà:ke) suspended and not be eligible to reside on the Territory of Kahnawà:ke.

In fact, this was not consistent with the wording that was actually proposed at the meeting, which was (new wording only):

…the parent(s) who choose to contravene this clause (the law) will have their recognition suspended and not be eligible to reside in the Territory.

The proper wording is, in fact, included in the Record of Discussion published on the KLCC website on March 15, 2016. The KLCC apologizes for the error.

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