Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Membership Law hearings to start April 14th


The KahnawÓ:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission (KLCC) would like to announce that the date for the First Hearing for the KahnawÓ:ke Membership Law has been confirmed. The date, time and place are as follows:

Tuesday, 14 Onerahtˇkha/April 2015 from 6pm to 8:30pm at Karonhianˇhnha School

Please note that all pertinent information on the law, including the draft amendments, is available for viewing at the KLCC website at www.kahnawakemakingdecisions.com.

Any questions on the KahnawÓ:ke Membership Law should be directed to Mohawk Council of KahnawÓ:ke Membership Registrar Rose-Ann Morris at 450-638-0500 or rose-ann.morris@mck.ca. View PDF