Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Date set for extra Membership Law Community Consultation


The Kahnawą:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission announced today that the ‘extra’ 13th Community Consultation for amendments to the Kahnawą:ke Membership Law will take place on Wednesday, 10 Ohiarihkó:wa/July for the participants of ‘Group 3.’

The topic of ‘Suspension or Revocation of Member Benefits and Services’ will continue. In the previous meeting on 26, Ohiarķ:ha/June, Group 3 did not have the opportunity to deliberate and respond before time ran out. Participants in each group suggested holding an additional meeting in order to complete the task, which was unanimously agreed to.

The meeting of Group 3 will start promptly at 6pm and is scheduled to run until 8:30pm. In accordance with the Community Decision Making Process, observers from the community will be accommodated.

Please note that the meeting will be held at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke main office for this occasion only. It is expected that this will be the final Membership Law Community Consultation of the summer, with meetings to resume in the fall.

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