Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Membership Law consultations set to launch


The Kahnawà:ke Legislative Coordinating Commission would like to remind Kahnawa’kehró:non that the first Community Consultation for possible amendments to the Kahnawà:ke Membership Law will be held on Thursday, 24 Tsothohrkó:wa-January, with a second Consultation scheduled for Tuesday, 29 Tsothohrkó:wa- January.

The community will be asked to give a mandate to amend the law. Should that be agreed to, the community will then decide on the scope, purpose and intent of possible amendments.

The Consultations will use the Community Decision Making Process. The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke’s Membership Department, which proposed the law be amended, held several information sessions in late 2012 in preparation for the Consultations.

The Community Decision Making Process allows any Kahnawa’kehró:non on the Kahnawà:ke Kanien’kehá:ka Registry to participate directly. There is an observers table that allows for Kahnawa’kehró:non of Kanien’kehá:ka ancestry not currently on the Kahnawà:ke Kanien’kehá:ka Registry to participate in a different fashion. For clarity, this observers table is also available for those who are eligible to participate directly in the Consultations but choose to observe only.

The Consultations will be conducted at the Karonhianónhnha Gymnasium. Both sessions begin at 6pm sharp and will conclude at 8:30pm.

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