Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Synopsis: This Law was enacted by MCR #07/2004-2005 on April 19, 2004. This is a law respecting the operation of All Terrain vehicles within the Territory. It contains regulations for the eligibility requirements for obtaining users permits, the use and operation and mandatory equipment for the use or operation of an ATV/ATC.
Type: 2 - Regulatory
Origin: Kahnawą:ke
Status: In Force
Enacted by MCR # 7/2004-2005
Revision Date: Tsothohrko:wa/January 2008
Priority: Low
Next Steps:

Intergovernmental: n/a

Internal Governance: n/a

Social/Economic: n/a

Legislative: n/a

Administrative/Implementation: n/a

Other (Please provide details): n/a

Last Amended: n/a
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