Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Recreation Path Law
Synopsis: This Law was enacted by MCR #60/1997-98 on September 30, 1997. This is a law establishing the authority of the MCK to create or to have created recreational paths, to designate the special use of recreational paths and to restrict or limit access to recreational paths to pedestrian and mixed traffic. The Law provides for the delegation of authority to the Kahnawake Safety Committee to regulate and control the use of recreational paths within the Territory.
Type: 2 - Regulatory
Origin: Kahnawą:ke
Status: In Force
Enacted by MCR # 60/1997-98
Revision Date: n/a
Priority: Low
Next Steps:

Intergovernmental: n/a

Internal Governance: n/a

Social/Economic: n/a

Legislative: Requires a full review.

Administrative/Implementation: n/a

Other (Please provide details): n/a

Last Amended: n/a
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