Kahnawà:ke Community Decision Making Process

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Membership Law - Amendments (to be named Kanien'kehį:ka of Kahnawą:ke Law)
Synopsis: This Law is currently being amended in the Community Decision Making Process.
Type: 1 - Empowerment
Origin: Kahnawą:ke
Status: In Amendment
Revision Date: n/a
Priority: High
Next Steps:

Intergovernmental: Membership List. Negotiation with feds to "Stop making Indians"

Internal Governance: Citizenship questions. Do we create a separate citizenship act? (termonology to address: Non member resident, beneficiary, citizen, member)

Social/Economic: n/a

Legislative: Amendments completed March 26, 2007 using process outlined within the law. Discussion on transition to ILCC process needs to occur. Full review of law is required.

Administrative/Implementation: n/a

Other (Please provide details): n/a

Last Amended: n/a
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